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Victims Of Circumstances Essay

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The human mind is a wide world, and like all others, faces a lot of difficulties; one of them, is the change of behaviour that occurs when put in tough situations. In The Lottery, Shirley Jackson portrays the things a person can do in favor of the needs of the many. Following this, George Orwell displayed the choice the police officer had made in order to preserve his image in Shooting an Elephant. Finally, The Stanford Prison Experiment proves the power of social situations when making decisions. By examining The Lottery, Shooting an Elephant and Stanford Prison Experiment, it will become evident that people are forced to do what they know is wrong when pressured by others, loose their ...view middle of the document...

“It seemed to me that it would be murder to shoot him”, yet he did shoot him. The police officer was called to duty, he was told that an elephant was going through must; it had broken its chains and escaped. The animal was ravaging the Bazaar so he had to act. When he got there, the man had to choices, to kill the elephant and get the glory or let him live and wait for its mahout to come. With his image to maintain, the officer decided to shoot the animal because otherwise the Burmans’ would think he was weak. On top of all the bitter feelings they had for him, they would resent him even more, not to mention all of the British law enforcers around Burma. On the other hand, the police officer believed there was no reason to shoot the elephant, it had calmed down and its mahout was on the way. He knew that the elephant was an innocent animal; he couldn’t be taken responsible for his actions because he was just an animal, also, he was more important alive than dead. However, he chose to shoot the elephant and maintain his image because for him, it was more important than the elephant’s lie.
Finally, Dave Eshleman became imperious when given power. After becoming a guard, Dave felt that prison should feel and look a certain way, so he decided to make it more cruel and brutal. He abused his powers...

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