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Wearable Arts Essay

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In my opinion, fashion is some stuff that created to cover our body. There are a lot of fashions that can we distinguish. There clothes, footwear, accessories, and jewelry. One of the fashion that quite unique for me is wearable arts. What is wearable art? I think, wearable arts are an artwork which not hanging on display or putted in the corner of the artwork display. Wearable arts came from two words; wear able & art. Wearable means something that people can wear to cover their bodies, and art means the expression of human imagination. So that’s mean, wearable art is creation of an artist that made human body as their canvas (World of Wearable Art, n.d., n.p.g.). Wearable arts made for ...view middle of the document...

The other characteristic is each clothes have their own messages. In the exhibitions, I can found different messages from each dresses that exhibited there. The artist of this wearable arts dress really good at illuminate their messages into the visitor mind. They can combine their messages and imagination and fit it into the clothes. For examples, there is a man suit that made from suitcase. What I got from this wearable art is the artist want to tell us about some people that always bring suitcase and rely their life on that suitcase. The last characteristic is accessories. Most of wearable arts clothes have their own accessories. In wearable art, I think accessories have a big role to express the creator messages. Accessories have the role to complete the creation of the artist imagination. I will use the suitcase man again for my explanation. I think, this suit will become a normal suits if the models did not using a suitcase on their head. This suitcase is one of the accessories that can connect audience imagination and the artist messages.
In this paragraph, I will explain one of the dresses that stole my attention in the world of wearable arts exhibition. That dress title is Persephone in Cuba Street. This dress has its own special appeal that can attract visitor attention. It is mysterious but in other way, I can feel the beauty on it. Persephone in Cuba Street is one of the dresses on illumination illusion section in World of Wearable art exhibition. The illustrator name is Fifi Colston. She got the inspiration to make that dress from Wellington city. She saw a sad-looking emo girl on Cuba Street, Wellington and suddenly she got an idea to light them up. I think Fifi got this idea from the Greek myth goddess, Persephone. Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. She is the beautiful goddess of the harvest that abducted by hades. After that, she became Hades...

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