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What Dreams May Come Essay

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An act of selflessness is an act done without thought of one’s own personal gain. The film What Dreams May Come has many prime examples of selflessness and how selflessness comes from love. The first of the three examples comes from the beginning of the film only a few days after the death of Christopher, also known as Christie. The second example comes from a flashback near the end of the film, after the death of Ian and Marie, Christie and Annie’s children. The last example comes from the very end of the film where Christie decides to stay with his wife, Annie, in Hell. This essay will identify and describe the three major acts of selflessness previously listed from the film What Dreams ...view middle of the document...

He bought a one-way ticket so that Annie can heal and get better. Of course, when Christie tells her this, Annie sees how much he loves her so she tells Christie to stay. As in the first example, Christie is leaving Annie for her happiness. This shows an act of selflessness out of love for another.
The third and final example of selflessness from the film What Dreams May Come, is from one of the very last scenes of the movie when Christie tries to bring Annie back from Hell. According to the writing of What Dreams May Come, all suicides go to Hell, including the recently deceased Annie. Only a few short days after Christie’s death, Annie can no longer bear life and kills herself. When Christie finds out that Annie went to Hell, he is determined to find her and bring her back or die a second death trying. Once Christie finds Annie, he spends a few moments talking to her and realizes that getting Annie out of Hell will not work. He decides he would rather spend eternity in Hell than to leave his soul mate in Hell to suffer alone. Little did he know that only seconds after making that decision he was able to bring both Annie and himself out of Hell. Someone that is willing to spend eternity in Hell so another does not have to be alone; now that is true...

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