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What Money Can't Buy Essay

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When the primitive starts to trade a shell for a shiny rock, they do not realize that that shell is the rudiment of modern currency and that shiny rock is called diamond, which is one of the expensive merchandise nowadays. When people find that trading makes people better off, the machines of commercial world switch on its engine and lead us into a modern market, where filled with ceaseless trading of commodity and endless chasing for money. With the speedy development of human society, people begin to raise a concern on the truly value of money or, as Michael Sandel says in his book, the worry on the development of society when everything seems can be up for sale. What money can buy and what money cannot buy? Can we really buy anything we want using money?
After reading the article written by Sandel, what surprises me is the service of surrogate mother in India, which sounds uncommon. However, as Hegel says, “what exists is reasonable”, the service must have some great advantages that attract “buyer” and “seller”. Indeed, couples finding a surrogate mother for their future babies spare many times, energy, or even money for the family. They can have more time to work, and additionally, the baby’s mother do not have to suffer from the pain when give birth. Money can buy convenience and efficiency. Who don’t want this benefit if he or she is able to afford?
However, we know that Sandel holds the belief that the greedy market society is need to be regulated for two reasons---the first is inequality, and the second is about corruption. When we consider the aspect on inequality, it is not hard to understand that when the rich get richer, they can buy more goods they want and dominates the market portion largely, and the poor people get less opportunity to make choices. The difference of distribution between two groups of people become larger and larger, and the unfairness may consequently arouse bigger problem on other social problem, such as housing, health care, and education. Let’s assume that there are two patients who got injured badly and both waiting for a doctor to give surgery, but the doctor can only save one person. Patient A is a millionaire and his families ask the doctor to operate first by giving his extra ten thousand dollars, but patient B is a homeless, who cannot even afford the cost of operation. The values of their lives are both precious. What would you do at that moment? Sense of moral and market trading conflicts stand in this crossing road. Secondly, putting a price tag on a good thing sometimes may destroy its inner purity. Example on how...

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