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Propaganda is used to make people think or believe something that might actually not be true. It is when information of a biased or misleading nature is used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view (dictionary). In the book Animal Farm, by George Orwell, the animals revolt against the human farm owner and take over with the leaders of the higher class animals, the pigs. Orwell wrote Animal Farm to represent and symbolize Russia and the Soviet Union under Communist Party rule. The pigs are extremely similar to Joseph Stalin and his success with manipulating taking on the roll of a leader to his people. Just as Stalin did in Russia, through their use of ...view middle of the document...

” Simplicity and Repetition is an easy, ongoing “chant” or “song” repeated over and over many times, usually used for gaining trust (Stults). “Comrade Napoleon” is an anthem in Chapter 1 that glorifies gives all and any credit to Napoleon even though he had does very little. Minimus wrote the poem, a pig who is seen as one of the best writers in the farm. It is essentially a hymn towards Napoleon himself. This poem pushes the animals towards loving and cherishing Napoleon. This represents Joseph Stalin and how he was so loved in the Soviet Union. The poem makes Napoleon look good and it brings happy emotions towards him. This allows the pigs to gain an advantage because it puts most credit towards them. Sadly, the animals are too gullible to see the fact that Napoleon barely has done anything and the credit should not be just towards him, but the other animals too. Shortly after the animals take control of the farm, the animals shorten the seven Commandments so the sheep can memorize them and chant them even though they probably have no idea what they mean. The sheep repeat over and over many times, “Four legs good, two legs better.” The animals encourage this saying because of the human and pig interaction with the trading. The sheep are not as smart as the pigs so they do not have a good understanding hold on the chant itself, but they choose to say it anyway because they want to follow and do what the pigs are doing. The pigs definitely gained power through this because they now know that they can get any of the animals, including the sheep to say whatever they want them to, even if the animals do not exactly get what they are saying. Shortly after he makes his Speech, Old Major sings “Beasts of England” to represent Animalism and give the animals courage they will need to rule the farm. Old major explains his dream of taking over the farm and having an animal-controled society through this poem three nights before his death. The tune of “Beasts of England” is described as a combination of “La Cucracha” and “Oh my Darling, Clementine” Soon after the rebellion, all animals learn the song and sing it espically after the meetings they have together. Old major and the pigs gained plenty of power through this because the song lifted the animals spirits, which caused them to work harder and longer for the farm itself. The song talks about riches with barrels of food and much luxury to come.
Lying helps the pigs take over the farm by giving hope to the animals. “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” -George Orwell. Sugar Candy Mountain is a made up place preached by Moses to help bring motivation onto the animals, it brings hope and gives them a good spirit to work and finish the windmill. In Animal Farm, Moses talks about Sugar Candy Mountain, and how amazing it is that when the animals die, thats where they go. Sugar Candy Mountain represents Heaven...

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