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Women In The French Revolution Essay

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“Liberty, equality, fraternity, or death”, a chant that would have been heard in the streets of Paris during the French Revolution (Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities). The French Revolution started in 1789 and came to a complete end in 1799; it was a turning point for the majority of France, the commoners, who were pressured by the aristocracy. Women during this time had little to no rights, but were very involved in the Revolution. They handled necessary duties for women at that time as well as staging demonstrations and riots; other women were more involved than others though beating the odds and making a way for women’s rights. Women played key roles during the French Revolution, ...view middle of the document...

In doing so the women accomplished the goal of the Revolution- get the king off the throne. Women worked hard on their roles because it gave them a voice they’ve never had before, “They expressed their opinions and channeled their energies through petitions and demonstrations” ("French Revolution: Women in...”). Women did not have many rights or much of a voice before the Revolution, but when it started they were able to give opinions and it kept them from giving up on the Revolution. Their ability to have a voice and speak their opinions kept the revolution going for as long as it did because the women worked hard to keep what rights and voice they had; which means working on the Revolution.
Demonstrations would not have been successful for the revolutionaries without the leadership of strong women. Among those women was a woman named Reine Audu. Reine Audu led the March on Versailles with a few others whose names have been lost in history. Reine was a fruit seller in France when she joined the revolution. She also participated in the storming of the Tuileries palace. She faced discrimination for being a woman but on the 6th of October 1789 she “led the march back to Paris with the royal court in triumph” (“Reine Audu”). Reine had been pushed down her entire life, she was even arrested for her actions and being a woman, but she could always look back and see what she accomplished. She went against the odds and was able to make one of the greatest accomplishments for the revolutionaries.
Another key woman was Theroigne de Mericourt who paved the way for women’s rights. Theroigne born in Belgium was not of French decent, but fought in the Revolution against the aristocracy hoping to get rights for women. During the Revolution she...

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