Woodrwo Wilson In First Person Essay

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I am the shell of a man that once stood up to champion the rights of the American individual and the noble country America in the Treaty of Versailles. The year is 1922 and I am no longer the American president due to a series of strokes that have physically weakened me, but once upon a time I was a man of standing, a man capable of bringing about tremendous change in one of the greatest countries of the world. I am Woodrow Wilson and here is my story.Born in Staunton, Virginia in 1856 to a Presbyterian minister who during the Civil War was a pastor in Augusta, Georgia, I knew of the horrors of war. I was educated at Princeton University followed by the University of Virginia Law School and finally awarded a doctorate in political science from Johns Hopkins University in 1886. From 1902 to 1910 I held the position of president at Princeton University. After serving as the governor of New Jersey for two years I was nominated for the presidency at the 1912 Democratic convention. Once president I worked to better the economic situation for the common man, a plan I called the New Freedom, with a graduated federal income tax, lower tariffs, child labor laws, and the establishment of a Federal Trade Commission to prohibit unfair business practices.I was to become most widely known and recognized however through my foreign policy. I did my utmost to ensure an "open door" in China and to improve relations with Latin America, which I am most proud of, however, I also injudiciously intervened in Mexican affairs and involved America in the Great War. From the start I had promoted American neutrality in the European war, even campaigning for my second term under the slogan "he kept us out of war," however Germany had made it clear that America was to them an enemy so I felt I had no alternative but to go before congress and request a declaration of war on the aggressor. Indeed the American presence in the war brought victory to the allied nations and in January of 1919 she was to have a representative at the Congress of Versailles.I had no intentions of humiliating Germany nor did I desire reparations or even colonies, I wanted to keep the Adriatic Coast out of Italian hands, see the creation of an independent polish state, and to be reimbursed for loans made to the Allied Nations. But more importantly I wanted the establishment of a lasting world peace. To serve this purpose I had constructed the Fourteen Points Plan which I expressed in a famous address to Congress in January of 1918. The most important of these points were...

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