Working For Yourself: Does Freelance Work Bring Greater Levels Of Creativity And Independent Input To Projects, Opposed To Being Employed By An O

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A freelancer is someone who works for themselves and are not committed to one long term employer. Areas of freelance work include music, journalism, film-making, photography, illustration and event management. Working for yourself is often reputed to offer a wealth of benefits to the individual, as it allows you to create a work life based on your personal skills, talents and intrigues. Freelancers can work on a variety of projects with exposure to many different variants of people, and the work often offers the flexibility of location and schedule. In the arts and media industries, it gives a greater level of creative freedom to work on projects of your own design than a conventional job ...view middle of the document...

But is this caliber of freedom always a good thing?
Randy Jones (see appendix 2,) a freelance graphic designer who has had over 15 years experience in vector and design work, says; ‘the freedom to work from home gives me a lot of control over my work. Remember though, that freelance is a tough gig. A lot of your time will be working the phone for sales, chasing down your checks. You will also have overhead issues, like business licensing, computers, software and promotional materials.’ The freedom to work from home means that you have to do a lot of things that a company or boss would customarily do for you, which could take up a lot of your time. In turn, it could also inhibit your creative freedom, as you could end up having to focus more on the advertising and sales side of things, rather than the creation and production end. Finance could also be something that inhibits your work, and money is something that a lot of freelancer stubble with. Because freelancing does not involve guaranteed payment, it can be precarious work lacking in financial security. According to the Freelance Industry Report marketing is one of the highest paying types of freelance with an estimated earning of £46-52 an hour. Creative fields such as writing, graphic design and social media also offer well paying jobs of around £25 an hour. 38% of freelancers reported earning a higher income as a freelancer than they used to earn as an employee. Momoko Hill says; ‘I’ve had a lot of problems with financial security. I recently starting doing brand management which meant that I started getting a good and steady income. My work can be quite difficult in regard to finance, because it is never clear where the next job will be coming from. But I think that as long as you work hard and steadily build up your business or your reputation, it definitely gets easier and can be extremely rewarding.’
Building up your own business or reputation from scratch can be challenging, as it requires both knowledge of marketing and communication skills. It can also take a long time to spread the word about both your skills and reliability, as clients will be most likely to go to a freelancer who has a reputation as being trustworthy. You can market yourself utilising a variety of ways; advertising in a magazine or newspaper, word of mouth, making connections, using websites and social media. Randy Jones says; ‘online spaces are a great way to show your work - put it up on Deviantart, Facebook, Word Press - get people talking. A web presence is really important, keep your profiles professional. Your avatar should be an example of your work. Avoid offensive usernames, adverts and information that may deter clients. Be humbly confident and polite in all your correspondence.’ Ryan Patrick (3) is an example of a freelance photographer who has built up a reputation using solely social media. His Facebook page, Ryan Patrick Photography, has gained over 3000 fans in two years. He has spread the...

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