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Writers Reflection Essay

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Writer’s Reflection
The first day on my English 908 class, with my Professor Mahony I was a bit nervous about the course.
I finally took a deep breath, after my professor explained and discussed clearly the guidelines and instructions from the course syllabus for the semester. At that moment, I realized that this class is not going to be easy. As the weeks go by, through my professor’s excellent teaching, guidance and writing expertise, I was able to understand and improve my writing capabilities. Even though we have a couple of weeks left on this course, I believe that I was able to accomplished my goal in this class to become a better writer, and write different types essays ...view middle of the document...

I was fascinated racing the curve of her small cute bow lips and her thin little nose.” During the revision of my descriptive essays, I followed my instructor advice and applied what I learned from the class discussion: to use visually descriptive words to appeal to readers’ senses, to provided details, translated an experience into written words for my reader to visualize the situation.
The second writing assignment was comparative or contrast essay. This time, we have to do the in class writing. My professor asked me to compose a contrast essay about “My Two Birthday Celebration.” I knew I did not do well on this paper even after my revision. I just realized that I did not follow exactly the structure of this essay. For example, on my introduction, I started as: “Birthday parties are amazing events that everyone looks forward to celebrating whether you’re young or old. As for me, I have two birthdays that I will always remember. These two events are very significant in my life.” After analyzing what are the comparison and contrast essay about, I learned that I have to emphasize the similarities on comparison essay and the difference on contrast essay. Then I came up with this introduction revision, which I wish I should have rewrote this way in the first place: “I celebrated many birthdays in my life, but I think that the two most memorable birthdays were my eighteen and twenty eight birthday party [...] The eighteen and the twenty eight birthday party were totally different. The purpose of this essay is to contrast the type of guest, foods, decoration, and the venue of the party.” One thing for sure on this essay, I used the block arrangement, in which the first block containing information about my eighteen birthday party and the second block containing information about my twenty eight birthday party.
The third writing assignment was an argumentative essay. While writing this essay I learned that, to communicate effectively with readers, I must provide solid evidence to make a point. It means any idea that
I want to advance must be supported by specific reasons and details. Consequently, it took me a while to decide on what topic I wanted to make a claim. Then I finally though a topic entitled “Immunization: Power to Protect children’s Health.” As we are having a read around I remember my instructor mentioned that when shaping an argument, we have to explain why our belief is reasonable and logical....

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