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William Sydney Porter who is famous as O.Henry as his pen name, is one of the American authors. He is known as writer of short stories. William Sydney Porter was born in 1892 in North Carolina, he went to Texas when he was twenty and he had different jobs there, while he was working in National bank of Austin, he had been suspicious to stealing money from bank and because of that he went to the jail. Prison was a new start for him, he discovered his writing skills and his talent in writing, when he was there, and he started writing short stories. After he was released from the jail, he decided to change his name to O. Henry. His short stories are famous because of surprise endings. There are ...view middle of the document...

Mr. Behrman, Sue and Johnsy. Mr. Behrman is an old artist who likes drinking and he has made no achievement related to his profession all over his life as an artist. Behrman’s life is miserable and unsuccessful, he has been dreaming to draw his masterpiece for forty years, but he never knew that his care and love to Johnsy will help him to create his masterpiece before his death. In a very cold and quite night, the old man who is weak and sick draw a leaf such as a real one and this leaf can take Johnsy back to her life. (Martin, 2008). This great sacrifice of Behrman, creates his masterpiece, refer to what Sue tells Johnsy about Mr. Behrman: "Mr. Behrman died of pneumonia to-day in the hospital. He was ill only two days. The janitor found him the morning of the first day in his room downstairs helpless with pain. His shoes and clothing were wet through and icy cold. They couldn't imagine where he had been on such a dreadful night. And then they found a lantern, still lighted, and a ladder that had been dragged from its place, and some scattered brushes, and a palette with green and yellow colors mixed on it, and - look out the window, dear, at the last ivy leaf on the wall. Didn't you wonder why it never fluttered or moved when the wind blew? Ah, darling, it's Behrman's masterpiece - he painted it there the night that the last leaf fell."
Another character is Sue, Johnsy’s friend and roommate, both are living in a same apartment and they are artists. Sue shows self-sacrifice in story by taking care of Johnsy and she wants to save her from pneumonia. She invites doctor to visit Johnsy and doctor tells her, "She has one chance in - let us say, ten, and that chance is for her to want to live”, after doctor leaves ,Sue cries but still she wants to do whatever she can to help Johnsy to survive. She cooks for her and comforts her, and tries to give her medicine. She tries to stop her from counting leaves and gives her hope to survive, regards to her sentences to Johnsy ,when she talked about leaves on the ivy vine , "you used to love that vine so, you naughty girl. Don't be a goosey. Why, the doctor told me this morning that your chances for getting well real soon were - let's see exactly what he said - he said the chances were ten to one! Why, that's almost as good a chance as we have in New York when we ride on the street cars or walk past a new building. Try to take some broth now, and let Sudie go back to her drawing, so she can sell the editor man with it, and buy port wine for her sick child, and pork chops for her greedy self."
Johnsy is the sick lady who is suffering from pneumonia, during her illness she lays down on her bed in her apartment and being nursed by her friend Sue, she is very weak and hopeless and she refuses to eat or drink. (Agold, 2005) ,Johnsy starts looking at leaves fall from a vine from the window and she expects her death when the last leaf falls as she tells Sue, "Six, said Johnsy, in almost a whisper. They're falling...

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